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1.  Systems Under Strain
1.  A randomised controlled trial of the I-Deal life skills intervention with Syrian refugee adolescents in northern Lebanon
2.  The impact of a livelihood intervention on psychosocial wellbeing and economic empowerment in an ongoing conflict setting: The Gaza Strip
3.  Relatives of enforced disappeared persons in Mexico: identifying mental health and psychosocial support needs and exploring barriers to care
4.  Ubwiyunge mubikorwa (reconciliation in action): development and field piloting of Action-Based Psychosocial Reconciliation Approach in post-Gacaca Rwanda
5.  Rohingya mHealth: Investigating Mental Health in Kutupalong Refugee Camp
1.  Designing Psychosocial Support for COVID-19 Front-line Responders in Pakistan: A Potentially Scalable Self-Help Plus Blueprint for LMIC
2.  Stories from the field: mapping innovation in mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic
1.  Call for United Nations and World Health Organization to tackle COVID-19 pandemic in the conflict-affected parts of Libya
2.  From a Refugee Camp in Ethiopia as a Social Worker to working with Refugees as an Expert Psychotherapist in Ethiopia
3.  Common global challenges and common stressors of humanitarian field workers related to the COVID-19 outbreak
4.  "More alike than unalike?: A personal reflection on working to support the mental health and wellbeing of unaccompanied refugee minors in Greece